Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SCP - The Escape [Alpha v0.3.1]

v0.3.1 Alpha

My first game, SCP-The Escape, fully coded in Java. Based on the SCP Foundation which can be found here.

Thanks to: Ulixava, FoxK307, Rumikarimu, Ca$h, Ajoura, VenomJack, MrCompost and DarkKnight.

Picture by MrCompost

Ever wanted SCP games to be 2D? Well here you are! I haven't seen any other SCP-based games 
that are 2D, and that also allow you to PLAY as some of the SCPs!

This game has multiple gamemodes. Right now there only is Class-D and SCP-058.

In Class-D mode you play as a defenseless lil' Class-D guy where you need to survive each obstacle in your path. You may encounter any SCPs... This gamemode doesn't have an ending yet, but I'm planning on making one, and keep in mind, THIS GAME IS STILL IN ALPHA. It has a lot of bugs.

Speaking of bugs, here are the ones I already know about:
  • You may pass through tiles sometimes >_>
  • The deathscreens.
  • Jumping in SCP-058 mode may turn you sideways for some reason, simply re-jump to fix it.
  • The saving/loading only works for blocks atm. (and it sometimes doesn't work for glass for some reason)
  • The game may occasionally crash (probably Sound System related)


  1. - Redone the Audio system of the game to make the game more lightweight.
  2. - Made the main menu theme play on startup instead of after the intro animation.

v0.3.1 review by Yamimash

(v0.1) Trailer by Jancsi aka Ca$h:

(v0.1) Let's Play SCP-The Escape: Class-D Mode by VenomJack

No viruses, no bullshit.
    Download link redirects you to GameJolt for the real download:
Created by PhuckYuToo. Published under a CC license.


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  2. Hey! I'm incredibly interested in this... Unfortunately the .exe is not working on my Win 7 setup... Is there anything that I need to do beside double click the .exe?
    I'd download the .jar if I could... but my download keeps cutting out, and being filedropper I can't add the download to my download manager, which would allow me to resume it if my connection (inevitably) drops out [crappy wireless connection is my only option]. Is there somewhere else I could download the .jar? A google search turned up... not much besides this site (for the .jar that is), for the .exe there's a few other sites out there apparently. But I can't get that to work.
    So yeah... cheers mate !

    1. I'll make an alternate link for the .jar! Should be up soon! :D

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  3. I downloaded all of the versions and none of them is working and all I do is double click and it doesn't load I tried game jolt I tried .jar, .exe, and your new .jar they all do the same thing if you can please give me advice Phuck Yu.

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  5. Oh yah I played v0.2 and that worked well and tried running the file as administrator.

    1. What about you run it through cmd?

      >cd C:\Users\*path to the folder the .jar is in*

      'Press enter'

      >-java jar SCP-TheEscape-v0.3.jar

      'press enter again'

      if it works, you're good.
      If not, it should give an error in the console. Print that error out on the site and I'll see what's wrong.

      ~Phuck Yu Too

  6. Replies
    1. every pc already has cmd :P
      its the command prompt...
      if youre on mac, its probably terminal or whatever, but idk anything about mac

  7. Could You Make A Tutorial Video LOVE YOUR CHANNEL Hope You Make More Vids Soon.

    1. Will make vids probably soon, but right now I'm simply too busy with game programming.

  8. Oh one last thing i'm problay getting annoying but I just wanted to say I have a PC. And i'm so stupid becouse i'll I had to do was search at the start menu still confused though becouse i'm not good at following directions from text so thats the only reason I need a tutorial from video still hope more vids come out soon good luck game programming. sincerly one of your fans Seth.(also not so good at spelling so that's why some of my words aren't spelled corectlly)

  9. Can't run. When I double click exe or jar file, nothing happens. I tried to run it throught cmd, but it doesn't works. I have last update of Java, I tried to run it as administator...

  10. Whenever I try to open the jar, nothing happens. when I try to open the exe, it says
    Could not find the main class: net.PhuckYuToo.TheEscape.Component.
    Program will exit.
    then all i can do is click the 'ok' button.
    CMD doesn't work for me, either.
    and on top of EVERYTHING ELSE, I couldn't download it on my computer thanks to my WONDERFUL antivirus program, saying "sorry, fewer than 50 people WHO HAVE NORTON (the antivirus) have downloaded this, so we're gonna remove it from your computer entirely... WITHOUT ASKING!
    for more information, please go to this site that is in 100% JAPANESE!
    *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm*

  11. Sir, I have an issue. When the EXE runs, my antivirus (Norton) deletes it. The jar file doesn't do anything when opened. Please help!

  12. Guys, try redownloading now. The game's updated and it's more lightweight/optimized now.

  13. Still Dosen't work, Keep getting a Could not find the main class: net.PhuckYuToo.TheEscape.Main. Program will exit.

    1. try redownloading or upgrading your java. Maybe it didnt download the Main class which is probably why it's not finding it